Julia Bondar – Punks Not Dead (Modular Live Set)

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Endorphines, captures a full modular set by synthesist Julia Bondar.

Bondar is art director at Endorphin.es and performs with Andreas Zhukovsky as Principal Duo.

“Here is my first solo set, in which I tried to bring a bit of rock. Therefore it’s called Punks Not Dead,” explains Bondar. “In a certain period of our life, we were Rebels and Punks. I have a strong nostalgia for that time and its music…..I believe we can resurrect this epoch by integrating breaking age technologies.”

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  2. “art director at Endorphines”

    Finally get it. She is an art director @ hardware modular producer Endorphin ( endorphin.es)

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