‘Modular For The Masses’ Gets Inexpensive MultiFX Module

Tangible Waves – makes of the ‘Modular For The Masses’ AE Modular system – have introduced MULTIFX, a stereo effects unit.

AE Modular uses their own format, which cuts costs by eliminating elements that do not directly generate sound – screen-printed panels, knobs, jacks, etc.

The MULTIFX module offers 15 different stereo audio FX programs, ranging from reverb and delay to Ring Crusher and Glitch delay. Each program has 3 parameters that can be adjusted and additionally be CV-controlled.

MULTIFX is based on the FV-1 DSP chip, which is featured in several Eurorack and 5U effects modules. The MULTIFX module offers the 7 default programs of the chip, plus 8 created by Tangible Waves.

The company has also announced updates to some of its other modules. See their site for details.

Pricing and Availability

MULTIFX is available now with an intro price of 89 Euro (normally 95 Euro).

Video via The Tuesday Night Machines

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