Psychedelic Korg MS-20 Synth Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: Lazzarus shared this track, which is made using only sounds from the Korg MS-20, and paired it with psychedelic imagery from Kubrick’s 2001.

Video Description:

“Voici un titre réalisé avec un des synthés les plus cool du monde, le korg MS20. Un look d’enfer, un filtre démoniaque et des basses à décoller le papier peint! Il sait tout faire, des percussions, des kick, des leads, des séquences, des basses… Ici accompagné par les images de fin de l’extraordinaire 2001 l’odyssé de l’espace de stanley Kubrick!’

7 thoughts on “Psychedelic Korg MS-20 Synth Jam

  1. So if I set dance music to Kubrick’s 2001, it magically becomes psychedelic? Umm yeah…NO.

    I’ve no criticism to offer for the composer, but the titling of this post is certainly misleading.

  2. Just saw the IMAX re-release of 2001 last week. The space special effects hold up pretty well after 50 years and the 60s vision of the future is retrolicious. The classical music used throughout, though, almost seems cliché. It would be cool to create an entirely new electronic soundtrack for the movie.

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