Sylphyo Electronic Wind Instrument Now Works Standalone Or As A MIDI Controller

Aodyo Instruments has announced updates to its Sylphyo electronic wind instrument, along with a new wireless receiver, the Link.

The Sylphyo is now a standalone wireless electronic wind instrument, with internal sounds specifically designed to harness all of its possibilities. You can now play the Sylphyo directly with headphones, or by connecting it to your hi-fi system or amp.

The internal sounds are a bit different from those you can find in virtual instruments or classic synths, because they have been specifically designed to be played with the Sylphyo and to harness its possibilities.

The internal sounds are designed to react very well to breath control, like with a traditional wind instrument. And by playing with the slider and the different inertial controls, you can completely transform the timbre of your sound

You can also use it as a USB-MIDI controller.

Technical details:

  • Sylphyo
    • Electronic wind instrument
      • High-precision breath control with wide dynamic range
      • Selectable fingerings adapted from various wind instruments (recorder, clarinet, flute, saxophone, oboe, trumpet, bagpipe, whistle, EWI…)
      • Slider and touch-sensitive keys for pitch-bend and timbre control
      • Inertial control sensors for vibrato and timbre control
    • Internal sound engine with headphones output
    • MIDI through USB (compatible with PC, Mac, iOS)
    • Wireless connection with the included Link receiver
    • Free internal software and sound engine updates
    • 6 hours battery life
    • 43 cm (17″)
    • 395 gr (0.87 lbs)
  • Link
    • Wireless receiver for Sylphyo (audio and MIDI)
    • Internal sound engine with headphones and line output, and line input
    • MIDI through USB (compatible with PC, Mac, iOS) and DIN cables (input/output)
    • USB-MIDI host
    • Free internal software and sound engine updates
    • Powered by USB
    • 14×7,7×4,5 cm (5.5x3x1.8″)
    • 250 gr (0.55 lbs)
  • Designed and made in France
  • Included in the package:
    • Sylphyo
    • Link wireless receiver
    • Removable mouthpiece
    • USB cable
    • USB charger

Pricing and Availability

The Sylphyo + Link combination is available now for 999 Euro. Upgrades are available for owners of earlier versions.

7 thoughts on “Sylphyo Electronic Wind Instrument Now Works Standalone Or As A MIDI Controller

    1. Yeah, the price tag is above everything else you can get currently.

      Such instrument requires the “flute fingering” to be able to play it proper, I would rather like to see a proper “breath controller” instead 🙂

    2. The Vindor ES1 is USD $220 – still in development. I think Vindor have made a mistake to market it at kids – I think the real market for a cheap midi controlled wind instrument will be electronic musicians looking to make use of playing skills they developed years ago looking for an alternative to keyboards, and being in that camp I backed their Kickstarter.

      The Sylphyo looks nice but I can’t justify the price with my playing skills 🙂

  1. Didn’t know about the Vindor. Does sound interesting for learning/practicing, which was my original intention with wind controllers.
    On the wind controller Facebook group, Ingo Scherzinger mentioned another inexpensive device with onboard sounds, the AeroSynth.

    Not sure wind controllers will ever be a huge market. My impression is that a fairly big part of the problem is that people typically can’t just try them out in a store, for obvious reasons. In fact, because they still have a learning curve (even for experienced wind players), it’s a hard sell.

    For those instruments to gain traction, it might be best to market them to schools. Band instruments cost a lot of money and can be rather cumbersome.
    What Roland did with the Aerophone GO (AE-05) is kind of interesting. They have an app specifically for ensemble playing. No idea if that can ever catch on, but it’s an intriguing idea, especially for such monophonic instruments.

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