Pyramid Polyrhythmic Sequencer Gets Major Update

Squarp Instruments has introduced pyraOS 3.0 — a major firmware update for its Pyramid Polyrhythmic Sequencer.

The Pyramid is a 64-track sequencer, with MIDI, MIDI USB, CV/Gate, and (Sync48- and Sync24-configurable) DIN Sync connectivity. The update adds over 30 features, including:

  • Custom chords
  • Track duplicate, track consolidate
  • 5 effects per track
  • new arpeggiator styles
  • Assign per track/project, master assign
  • CC+NOTE label definition & call
  • Send clock while loading

The update is free for Pyramid owners. Details on the update are available at the Squarp site.

6 thoughts on “Pyramid Polyrhythmic Sequencer Gets Major Update

  1. I am still waiting for a box like this that a monitor and a mouse can be fitted to
    “Hey Presto ”
    a hardware sequencer just like the Atari and Cubase. Nothing as yet as beaten the midi version of cubase.I hope given the “reinvention of the wheel ” regards synths….(we can now buy something as good as a jump 106 ) we might see sequencers as good as 25 years ago……we can only hope!! This product is cool but not easy to use after our days of midi cut and paste….global cut and insert etc.

  2. This is great they keep adding features for Pyramid users, but really wish they would consider adding a few more features to their Hermod eurorack sequencer. IMO just a few things they could do to make it more performance friendly.

    1. nah, modular sucks…no reason to waste energy in a concept that will die soon anyway…Modular was a trend…and this trend is soon over..

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