Behind The Scenes At Dreadbox

The latest ProckGnosis video is a behind-the-scenes tour of Dreadbox – makers of the Erebus, Nyx, Abyss and other synths.

Video Summary:

Dropped by the Dreadbox Workshop a couple months ago, and Yannis and Dimitra were nice enough to play host and let us bug them and talk about making synths, including the new Erebus v3 and the Medusa.

First part of the video is the tour through the shop and the second part is the interview with Yannis and Dimitra.

6 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes At Dreadbox

  1. Very interesting, behind the scenes. Great company with cool designed hardware and it sounds awesome in my ears. Love that city, Athens rules!

  2. So cool, to see these small companies like these keeping their head above water against the big players. I think this is really the way to go, when buying a product, not only music gear for that matter. Honest people, honest synths. I wish them all the best.

  3. Dreadbox is awesome people making awesome products and I can not emphasize enough how beautiful their stuff sounds. I ordered the Medusa today as it is now in stock and the only thing left is for me to go into a cryogenic state until it arrives.

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