Native Intros Traktor Pro 3, New Traktor Controllers

Native Instruments has introduced Traktor Pro 3, Traktor Kontrol S4 & Traktor Kontrol S2.

Traktor Pro 3, which is included with both new hardware releases, is described as ‘the most stable version of the software yet’, and uses the new Elastique 3 time-stretching engine, which they say delivers noticeable audio improvements.

The user interface has been redesigned with a sharper and flatter look for better readability in club environments, while the workflow remains intact.

Traktor Pro 3 now includes Mixer FX – one-knob effect and filter controls that can be assigned to each channel independently and used for big buildups and transitions. And DJs using an external mixer can now route unprocessed audio directly from Traktor, thanks to a new mode that bypasses the software’s internal mixer.

Full details are to be announced on September 25.

Traktor Kontrol S4 introduces a world-first with Haptic Drive – high-torque, motorized jog wheels that provide performers with haptic feedback in three modes: Jog Mode, Turntable Mode, and Beatgrid Adjust Mode.

DJs can now feel cue points and loops when scrolling through tracks, and enable Turntable Mode for natural-feeling beatmatching while nudging and stalling the jog wheels. Interfacing software and hardware within Haptic Drive technology means that its functionality can be expanded, and will grow over the course of future updates, giving DJs even more ways to interact with their music.

Traktor Kontrol S2 condenses the club-standard software and hardware system into an portable form factxor.

The USB-powered system has been equipped with upsized jog wheels that NI says offers more responsive touch-sensitivity and give DJs pinpoint control when scratching and nudging.

Both the Traktor controllers have undergone a complete redesign. The two systems also feature 16 RGB-backlit pads for triggering samples and loops, as well as for setting and triggering cue points.\

Both systems also provide full integration with Mixer FX in Traktor Pro 3, with a dedicated control section on each channel.

Pricing and Availability

TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 – Available November 1, 2018

899 USD, 899 EUR, 99800 JPY, 719 GBP, 1,249 AUD, 1,199 CAD, 6999 CNY

TRAKTOR KONTROL S2 – Available fall 2018

299 USD, 299 EUR, 37800 JPY, 239 GBP, 439 AUD, 399 CAD, 2299 CNY

TRAKTOR PRO 3 – Available October 18, 2018

99 USD, 99 EUR, 12800, YEN, 89 GBP, 149 AUD, 129 CAD, 799 CNY

Upgrade: 49 USD, 49 EUR, 6280 YEN, 44 GBP, 79 AUD, 69 CAD, 379 CNY

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  1. Sorry Native Instruments, too little too late. Nothing here makes me think its worth going back to Traktor. Same thing, just re-skinned.

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