Native Instruments Komplete 12 The Kompletest Ever

Native Instruments has introduced Komplete 12, an update that adds new instruments and effects, as well as new content for Massive, Battery 4, Monark and more.

Komplete 12 is now also available in four versions:

  • Komplete 12 Select
    • 14 premium instruments and effects
    • 3 Expansions
    • More than 7000 sounds
    • 45 GB library
  • Komplete 12
    • More than 50 premium instruments and effects
    • 10 Expansions
    • More than 25,000 sounds
    • 220 GB library
  • Komplete 12 Ultimate
    • 100+ premium instruments and effects
    • 20 Expansions
    • More than 47,000 sounds
    • 600 GB library
  • Komplete Collector’s Edition:
    • 150+ products
    • 45+ Expansions
    • More than 90,000 sounds
    • 900 GB library

Pricing and Availability

Kontakt 12 is available to pre-order now with this pricing:

  • Komplete 12 Select – US $199
  • Komplete 12 – $599
  • Komplete 12 Ultimate – $1,199
  • Komplete Ultimate Collector’s Edition – $1,599

Upgrade options are also available. See the Native Instruments site for details.

19 thoughts on “Native Instruments Komplete 12 The Kompletest Ever

  1. One could guess that Komplete 12 was coming… Komplete 11 was at reduced price recently.
    I can imagine the frustration of someone that upgraded from, let’s say, Komplete 10 recently, taking profit of this reduced price, just to discover now that Komplete 12 is coming out. But NI does that every time.

  2. The only interesting upgrade for me is kontakt 6 and only because kontakt instrument developers
    typically require the latest kontakt version.

    Everything else is a pass, especially at these prices….

  3. Decent upgrade, and since I held off on their recent product releases, a good deal for expansions, MassiveX, Electric Guitarist, and others.

    Kontakt 6 looks like the same bloatmonster out of the early 00s. Hard to read and use GUI. There’s Falcon or other better designed samplers/synths out there.

    1. I echo your view over the GUI. Its been a deal-breaker for me. I’m sorry so many third-party sound houses only program for $#@! Kontakt. Its not much easier when they also offer the WAVs. I do respect the fact that programming for each added format may not seem cost-effective, but I refuse to drop $500 on a giant sample player. Right, as if I don’t have a mass of options without it, heh. First World Problems, gotta love ’em.

      1. NI needs to do an Arturia and overhaul the UI for their entire product line. Arturia proved it can be done well with V Collection 5, which took a bunch of mismatched softsynth UIs and replaced them with a consistent design system, along with a huge, glossy, high-DPI graphics overhaul. Arturia now has the best UI of any plugin collection, and it’s a little disappointing to see NI not even trying to compete.

  4. Wasn’t hold my breath but this confirms that they’re not:
    * adding MPE anywhere
    * releasing Reaktor 7
    * doing update pricing for Komplete 11 Select

    Ah, well… Better luck next time.

  5. The strategy that I’ve used when it comes to Komplete updates (ever since I got Komplete 5 ultimate):

    – Skip every other update
    – Update the summer after NI releases the update (it will be 50% off)
    – Never buy any products between updates as they will end up in the bundle

    That strategy has served me well. Only that new hoarder’s version might komplicate things a bit.

  6. Hi ,

    I agree that NI developers should be paid for their (very good) work but I found the upgrade price rather expensive if (as it is the case for me) music is only a hobby for you and not your day to day work.

    Last year I bought Falcon but this year my money goes already to the incredible Omnisphere (I was dreaming of using this synth for years !) when I saw recently (here in fact) the demo of their 2.5 new version with all these new software INNOVATION(s) which would have deserved to be in a version 3.0 and also the fact that people already owning Omnisphere won’t have to pay a cent for this … (which I means that they are treating very well their OLD clients to me and not only the NEW ones as it is too often the case) this finally decided me to buy this synth this year as I have to make a choices…

    NI software looks really great but, imho, it start to become too “big” (in all senses: hard disk space, price , number of libraries offerered) and it’s true that they cannot offer all this good stuff for a decent price anymore unfortunately. And above all, if I can buy it one day , I would expect to have a complete/full Komplete version especially if I have to pay again and again 300 euros EACH year for a new upgrade version which will prevent me to buy any new synth this same year…

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