Din Sync RE-808 To Be Open Source

On 909 Day, Din Sync’s Paul Barker announced plans to release his upcoming RE-808 design as an open source project:

It’s funny to announce this on 909 day but it’s important news.

As many of you know we plan to make the RE-808, however the news we bring today about the project is that once the circuit boards are ready, we will release the Gerber files for them directly under an open source license. This seems to be the best model for the project under the current circumstances.

The 808 deserves a decent legacy for the 21st century and this will be it.

The RE-808 is expected to be a recreation of the original RE-808, rather than a clone. Din Sync previously has released the RE-303, a 1:1 recreation of the original Roland TB-303.

Gerber files are a standard format for printed circuit board designs. Making them open means that you should eventually be able to get the boards from multiple suppliers, or have them made on-off.

Details and availability info are still to come.

5 thoughts on “Din Sync RE-808 To Be Open Source

  1. how many 808 and 909 clones do we need? i mean i LOVE these machines but it’s amazing the amount of effort going in to re-creating these. IMO the TipTop modules present the most flexible approach these classics, they are re-creations with some enhancements and being in a modular environment the possibilities to sequence them are endless including from a DAW. all the very best to all the clones, just amazed at how many there are.

  2. So…where are the re303 gerbers then? Are those posted somewhere? Seems easy to make the 808 open source when there isn’t much of a market left for it after the Behringer drum machine.

    It’s about time paul posted those re303 (ummm…actually those are copied boards anyway) gerbers online somewhere public. (posting the other files would be appropriate ALSO, but at least the gerbers)

    Thanks in advance for making sure that happens this month.

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