Bitwig Studio 2.4 Now Available

Bitwig has announced the availability of Bitwig Studio 2.4, a free update for the multi-platform DAW (Linux, Mac & Windows).

Here’s what’s new in Bitwig Studio 2.4:

  • Sampler overhaul (see section below)
  • Program-wide MIDI channel support (see section below)
  • New device: Note FX Layer, for stacking note effects as parallel layers
  • New device: Channel Filter, for suppressing select MIDI channels
  • New device: Channel Map, for remapping select MIDI channels
  • New modulator: ParSeq-8, a unique parameter step sequencer
  • New modulator: Note Counter, an incrementer for creating swirling modulation patterns
  • Tracks can be horizontally resized in the Mix View
  • Scenes can be horizontally resized in the Arrange View
  • Scenes can be colored
  • Global controller takeover modes, to set how hardware controllers and software parameters interact
  • On-screen controller visualizations of takeover status, showing the current bank of controls with their parameter values
  • Interaction-based hints, displaying all currently available mouse actions
  • New Quick Start templates in the Dashboard
  • Modulation mappings can now be copied/pasted by various methods
  • Updated device: Bit-8 now has new quantization modes, additional parameters, and an optimized layout
  • Updated device: HW Instrument now has an MPE mode that outputs note expressions as MIDI channel voice messages and dynamically allocates MIDI channels, if appropriate
  • Updated modulator: Steps now has ping-pong looping and pattern generation/processing functions (available via right-click)
  • Controller Scripting API now supports USB device detection and communication
  • Controller Scripting API now offers graphics API (for passing bitmap data to controllers)
  • Added controller support for Novation Launchkey MK2, Launch Control XL, and Launchkey Mini
  • Added controller support for Sensel Morph
  • Added controller support for MIDIPLUS X2mini, X3mini, X4mini, X6mini, X6pro, and X6pro
  • Added controller support for Vault Apex 25, Apex 49, and Apex 61
  • Various writings systems are now displayed properly, including: Arabic, Armenian, Bengali, Cham, Cherokee, Chinese, Devanagari, Georgian, Gurmukhi, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Lao, Runic, Tamil, Telugu, and Thai
  • Updated user guide for version 2.4

See the Bitwig site for details.

One thought on “Bitwig Studio 2.4 Now Available

  1. No DAW is developing faster or in a more interesting direction to BWS.,,,it just gets better and better….Phase4 and now the Sampler update with granular…lots of nice workflow enhancements as well as real MPE support and even better CV support (great new modulators). Well done the BWS team, realy nice update….looking for ward to 2.5 beta in about 3 months 🙂

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