The Missing Link Brings Ableton Link To Analog Gear

At Knobcon 2018, Circuit Happy introduced The Missing Link – a way to bring Ableton Link to your analog gear.

We talked with Circuit Happy owner, Ed Guild, who showed us how The Missing Link lets you wirelessly sync your analog gear, or your analog gear to computers and mobile devices.


  • Ableton Link integration for wireless sync with compatible devices
  • 5V clock output with user-setable PPQN (pulses per quarter note)
  • 5V pulse output at the start of loop
  • Push encoder for editing user settings (tempo, PPQN, Loop size)
  • Tap tempo for quickly setting tempo
  • Built on a Raspberry Pi Zero W platform with custom circuits for the interface and analog outputs
  • Built-in web interface for easily connecting to your WiFi network
  • Can be powered by any 5V USB power source including USB batteries
  • Open source software and hardware designs

Pricing and Availability

The Missing Link is available to pre-order for US $200.

8 thoughts on “The Missing Link Brings Ableton Link To Analog Gear

  1. A very useful device, and not just for modular. I run a Beatstep Pro somewhat mostly in time with Ableton using midi clock which suffers quite a bit with sudden tempo changes and it’s “part of my act” that I regularly restart one or the other during the set. It would be novel to have them both be fully in time with each other over Link!

  2. Anyone know what the open source software is other than the Ableton link materials? Would be nice to see if one could make audio pulses with a regular pi and run e.g Volca off of it.

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