Believotron Lets You Choose Your Own Synth Adventure

At Knobcon 2018, we talked with Daniel Lindmark of Believotron, who was showing a variety of tools for building custom Axolotl-based synths and more.

Believotron focuses on providing an alternative to mass-produced gear, offering customizable synths, based on the Axoloti platform, cases for DIY projects and downloadable DIY project plans.

See the Believotron site for details.

6 thoughts on “Believotron Lets You Choose Your Own Synth Adventure

  1. The Axoloti is great, but a little time consuming and with a forum of scientifically very high educated (very nice) people that communicate at the same high level. I know the Axoloti can sound awesome, is extremely versatile and can do great things, but with a somewhat steep initial step.
    Although, i.m.o., the video presentation on the site absolutely does not live up to the potential of the Axoloti, their products seem very cool. They lower the step of using the Axoloti as an off line real musical instrument, instead of using it as a usb sound card on the computer. Compared to the Axoloti core the “Wanderlust” package on the site seem rather overpriced. However, as in my case, when you have an Axoloti core and a modern midi controller, you would not really need all the knobs and could go walking (wandern) with a cheaper version.
    Awaiting what they will actually release beyond the beta stage and see how useful / affordable that will be. Very much appreciate and respect this initiative.

  2. I was about to order the upgrade, as I have two still unused axolotis waiting to be used and found the “wanderlust” an easy jumpstart – but when I explored the shipping cost I decided to eventually go the way Ad van Gerven described.

  3. axoloti looked interesting at first. They seem to have outfitted it with sensible i/o, with one noteworthy exception. At the risk of talking above my level, why didn’t they give it 16-bit or higher ADC for analog data input? Seems like modern synths should have the option of high-resolution 14-bit NRPN control sources.

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