Zoom Intros H3-VR Ambisonic Audio Recorder

Zoom has introduced the H3-VR Virtual Reality Audio Recorder – a complete system for capturing 360° audio.

The H3-VR records four channels of audio, using a 4-capsule Ambisonics mic. The H3-VR can also playback  stereo files both in standard and binaural modes.

A 6-axis motion sensor provides the H3-VR with Auto Mic Position and Level Detection, so however you position the recorder from scene to scene, your 360 audio and video orientations will stay aligned.

Here’s a 360° interactive audio + video example:

Note: Depending on your browser and device, you may need to view the above video on Youtube in order to be able to use the interactive features.

Pricing and Availability

The Zoom H3-VR is available now for about US $350.

11 thoughts on “Zoom Intros H3-VR Ambisonic Audio Recorder

  1. VR is still in its infancy. Very few people have a good quality 3D viewer. Bandwidth is still a problem for 360 videos. But it’s great to see the tools developing & maturing. We’ve a little way to go before “Ready Player One” ! 🙂

    1. Yes. If you have Reaper, you can download the ambisonics toolkit which has a tool that can extract a stereo perspective from your b-format ambisonic audio. You can even mimic mic pickup patterns like cardioid and omni.

  2. So, how do I mount it on my moza guru 360 stabilizer???

    I do like the mount shown for the go pro fusion, but I like to walk with the camera, which seems to be what this device is intended for.

    It would be nice to stick the mics on top of the Fusion and have the recorder elsewhere.

  3. I’ve been using the H2n for years, it’s quadraphonic and is fantastic for field recordings.

    This H3 with it’s tetrahedral mic arrangement is interesting and novel, but it’s not clear to me what I could do with it.

    edit: OK I watched the interactive video allowing you to drag about perspective. I think this could also work with the H2n’s quad recording, but that wouldn’t be profitable?!? Anyway basically what we’re buying here is integration with YouTube’s VR video feature. Which is probably worth it.

    edit 2: Well heck I see now that Zoom issued a firmware update for my H2n that makes it compatible with this YouTube feature. Shoot. That is awesome. Thanks Zoom. Solid company.

  4. does someone knows how can we mount the H3-VR on top of the gopro fusion? or also below but not that close to the camera, so to hide it more effectively on postprod? thanks

  5. I have created a custom mount for the H3 that the final version will snap into the ring at the top of rail cage surrounding the mic array. Here is an early prototype with the Insta360 One attached. I will be testing it with the Insta360 One X in the coming days. There is no reason any of the other small 360 camera won’t work. The important thing is the cameras need to fairly light since the rail cage was not made to be weight bearing. The cool thing is this whole set up can place on a monopole (I use the rugged Manfrotto with 3 leg extender on the bottom)


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