Standalone Novation Peak Patch Editor (Unofficial)

MIDISynth-Peak is an unofficial patch editor & librarian for the Novation Peak synthesizer.

It allows full editing of all parameters on the Peak and patches can be uploaded to/downloaded from the synth.

It’s available for macOS & Windows. Full documentation is available (.pdf).

Pricing and Availability

MIDISynth-Peak is available now for £30.00.

7 thoughts on “Standalone Novation Peak Patch Editor (Unofficial)

  1. The synth with the most cumbersome MIDI implementation ever seen on the planet. A spaghetti mix of 8 and 16 bit CC with NRPN’s, Quite interesting is that Novation does not release the sysex implementation (even when asked) so this developer must have done some serious bit of reverse engineering. Great job. But every synth should come with full MIDI + sysex documentation and an editor something Novation failed to do for the Peak. Here is the link to it (missing in the article)

  2. I would like to request a mini nova editor.

    This design looks clean and straight forward with sensible color coding. All things that novation’s nova editor lacks.

  3. What is the resolution of the critical parameters such as FIlter cutoff ? Any zipper artefact when working with Peak and the editor ?

  4. I hope has sales at some time during the year. $85 for it borders on too high of a price for me. It makes me pause. I am not saying it’s not a well designed product, just that the price point is fairly high.

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