Avirodh Sharma + Kone Kone – Tablaism (Tabla Controllerism)

This short video profiles a project by Avirodh Sharma and Kone Kone that blends the traditional use of table and Ableton Push.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Blurring the lines of tradition and music technology, Avirodh Sharma and Kone Kone seamlessly blend Tabla (Indian Drum) and Ableton Push (Controller) for new audiences. By taking the repertoire of Tabla and mapping individual notes to Push, a new frontier awaits.

Tabla and Ableton Push were performed live by Avirodh Sharma. Music Production by Kone Kone.

6 thoughts on “Avirodh Sharma + Kone Kone – Tablaism (Tabla Controllerism)

  1. I love tabla music.

    In this example it seems to show that you can get very close to the real thing (but not quite). I’m curious if there are any advantages to the simulation? Obviously, you have much more flexibilities in terms of the sounds produced, but are there things you can do with technique that you can’t get with the real tabla?

    I expect it is nice to not have to tune.

  2. oh dear the tabla rhythm way too fast way too complex for gently opening “Alaap” to the music.

    complement tabla musically with other instruments.

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