Gestrument Pro Now Available For iPhone, iPad

Composer Jesper Nordin and iOS developer Jonatan Liljedahl (Kymatica) have released Gestrument Pro for iOS – a major update to the original Gestrument.

Gestrument Pro features recordable automations, advanced scale editing and a system of tweakable modular generators that define the pitches and rhythms.


  • Up to 16 individual Instruments.
  • Each Instrument can be controlled by any of up to 8 Cursors.
  • Instruments can use internal high quality sounds or play other synthesizers or apps via MIDI.
  • Modular swappable Generators for producing the rhythms and pitches per Instrument, each with their own set of tweakable parameters and settings.
  • 8 performance sliders that each can control one or more parameters in the Instruments and their Generators.
  • A highly flexible modulation system allows assigning Sliders and Cursor position/pressure to any parameter in the Instruments.
  • Advanced microtonal Scale editor with several standard scales included.
  • 8 Scale Slots for fast switching between scales and tonalities during performance.
  • Sliders, Cursors and Scale Slots can be recorded into automated loops, or controlled via MIDI.
  • Supports Inter-App Audio and Audiobus, including host sync for following the hosts transport and tempo.

Pricing and Availability

Gestrument Pro is available now for US $16.99.

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