SSL Brings Music Thing Modular Radio Music Module To 5U

John L Rice shared this video demo of Synthetic Sound Labs‘ new Radio Music module – a 5U version of the open source design from Music Thing Modular.

Radio Music is a virtual radio / sample player module, that behaves a bit like a radio. You can tune to the “stations” using the front panel control or the CV input jack and playback audio file from a SD card.

The module is based on a Teensy 3.2 microcontroller, so you can load alternate firmwares or even code and load your own. Several alternate firmware options are already available.

Here’s an in-depth tutorial video series on the Radio Music, via Voltage Control Lab:

Pricing and Availability

The SSL Radio Music – Model 1440 is available now for US $275.

2 thoughts on “SSL Brings Music Thing Modular Radio Music Module To 5U

  1. Hm, 5U is nice. Still I’d prefer the Make Noise Morphagene for these sort of things. I.m.o. that provides exactly the frequency range and parameter control an electronic musician requires.

  2. Fun fact: the string orchestra playing the tum-ti-tum-ti-tum tune (theme to The Archers) was recorded by Sir George Martin, no less, around 1950.

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