Erica Synths Intros Liquid Sky Dada Noise System

Erica Synths has introduced the Liquid Sky Dada Noise System – described as ‘an experimental sound-lab for Musique Concrete / ambient noise / abstract sounds and sound design’.

Created in cooperation with the liquid sky artist collective Berlin & Portugal. The company says that the system is tailored to processing field recordings, experimental vocals, extra-terrestrial atmospheres and for generating ‘mad noise patterns’ and pads.


  • Black Octasource
  • Pico VCO
  • 2 Black Code Sources
  • Code Source  Expander
  • Black Modulator
  • Multimode VCF
  • Black Dual EG/LFO
  • Black Quad VCA
  • Pico Drums
  • Black Joystick
  • Fusion Ringmodulator
  • Black Mixer
  • Mixer/Splitter
  • Fusion Delay
  • Black Hole DSP + expansion ROM
  • Black Output Module
  • 2x84HP skiff case with integr. PSU
  • 20 patch cables

Pricing and Availability

The Erica Synths Liquid Sky Dada Noise System is available now for €2990.00.

13 thoughts on “Erica Synths Intros Liquid Sky Dada Noise System

        1. This is a misconception and has nothing to do with the movie liquid sky, due to that the soundtrack for that movie was made on a CMI Fairlight and not some random analog Modular put together in a case.

          1. noone said that the soundtrack was made with modular synths.
            liquid sky is an artistcollective – founded in 1986 in sao paulo – of course inspired by the movie.

        2. i was trying to see if the movie was something other than a bunch of rich art school kids p!ssing away money, but i couldn’t make it through 15 minutes

  1. You had to be there at the time.. It was low budget and incomprehensible at times…but it reflected something that was going on, and it did it in a very trippy and had a punk sexy energy that really was way ahead of its time…

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