Deep Forest, Through A Pyramid

This video captures Eric Mouquet from Deep Forest, playing on a Buchla modular system and a Fender Rhodes piano, through a Pyramid and an Onde from La Voix du Luthier.

The Onde and Pyramid are acoustic resonators that can be used with any electronic source that requires amplification. They are not traditional speakers, but are instead in the tradition of the
Diffuseurs of Maurice Martenot, imparting acoustic resonances to the electronically-generated sound.

The Onde & Pyramid were introduced at ContinuuCon 2018 and then presented at SuperBooth 2018. The self-powered speakers, designed in collaboration with Haken Audio, bring a luthier’s expertise in acoustics to electronic instruments.

The Pyramid & Onde are expected to be available soon. See the company’s site for details.

Recorded live with microphones.

5 thoughts on “Deep Forest, Through A Pyramid

  1. I’m guessing Youtube doesn’t really capture what these speakers can do, since here they just sound like an old 5 1/4″ disk drive.

    1. Yeah it just kinda sounds like something is shaking on a table that the speaker is on… I don’t hear anything musical, aside from the playing.. love a good rhodes!

  2. Very laid-back and interesting, although I miss Michel Sanchez’s presence. He added a classical slant to the group that made for some killer overall synthesis. His album “Windows” is a full buffet of both semi-ambient works and seriously danceable showpieces.

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