touchAble Pro Touch Controller For Ableton Live Now Available

ZeroDebug has introduced touchAble Pro – a touchscreen controller for Ableton Live.

They say that touchAble Pro has been ‘reimagined and recoded from the ground up’, incorporating years of feedback from musicians at every level.

Here’s what’s new:

  • touchAble Pro will be available for iOS, Android and Windows
  • New layout options: view modules fullscreen or duplicate them side by side
  • Edit patterns with the completely overhauled piano roll view
  • The new audio-clip editor gives access to a clip’s waveform
  • Draw and edit clip-automations
  • Change the channel’s I/O settings directly from your device
  • Create your own device templates
  • Build your own complete custom layouts with the improved Editor
  • Templates can now be set to load automatically

Multiplatform Demo:

touchAble Pro Features Demo:


  • Control the transport, metronome, cues, and quantization
  • Trigger clips and scenes and control looping
  • Arm, mute, and solo tracks
  • Adjust monitoring
  • Mix, pan, crossfade, and control sends and returns
  • Play instruments with grid or piano-style layouts,
    with scales, note repeat, aftertouch and
    velocity (based on finger position)
  • Control device parameters, using faders or assignable X/Y pad modules
  • X/Y Pad: assign physics, make and morph snapshots
  • Navigate Live’s Browser, and drag and drop Devices and samples

touchAble Pro is available now for iPad, Android and Windows.

15 thoughts on “touchAble Pro Touch Controller For Ableton Live Now Available

  1. Why did Touchable 3 get deleted from the app store? Spent a lot of money on in app upgrades that I thought made it the “pro” version, and now feel a bit moviepass’d. Will you offer your previous customers any sort of discount or an upgrade?

  2. bought touchable 3 and wasn’t worth it in my opinion. even by these demo videos you can see the lag in the software. not for me.

      1. thats cool it works for you. i thought it would be great for me too but just didn’t jive with it. i tried push 2 as well also not for me hah. im hoping akai comes out with an apc 40 mk3 . i really like the layout of the last apc only if it had a sound card built in . im picky but it keeps me from just buying shit i don’t need … welll sometimes.

        1. To be honest, I think there’s a huge difference between the two TouchAble apps but also felt the pro version was so much more intuitive than the Push. Ultimately I saved a load of money and also downsized my mobile studio.

      1. When a zerodebug and appbc release an app, from experience, you can expect poor documentation, crashes, connectivity issues, and long response times to support emails in the week to month time frame And if it is not one of the previous issues I can assure you there will be a problem somewhere; and with Touchable pro the downward spiral has already started, Windows version is announced as released but for days since the announcement all you get on the windows download page is touchAble Pro is currently not available.

        I experienced the headache of purchasing Studiomux on release. There was no user manual and very brief install instructions on the website.

        I remember having to constantly restart Ableton and randomly get it to work after a few tries.

        There was a middleware server I think it was called. Since no documentation was provided you had the figure out the sequence of what to load first. (studiomux, middleware server, or ableton).

        The Studiomux plugin for Ableton would crash constantly requiring a reboot. ctrl alt del was required to shut down the server then restart it, and Ableton along with the Studiomux app would need to be restarted. The app was clearly not ready for release.

        I emailed support and after 3 weeks got a generic “we are aware of the issue and are working as hard as we…” email. I had hope and waited so eventually could not get a refund from the app store. Trolling the beta testers and Christian Blomert on blog advertorials for their products was the only way to get real attention, and was never offered a refund or support.

        And then they had the brass sack to release Modstep before fixing Studiomux. And nothing but complaints on the release of Modstep also. Plenty of praise responses to those complaints from Beta testers though. Nothing but complaints from paying customers.

        AppBC / Zerodebug offer some nice products but I see Touchable Pro going down the same spiral as their greatest misses as evidenced by the Windows download page. Lets hope this app is as good as it says it is minus the Studiomux / Modstep dilemmas cause Touchable pro seems like a nice app on paper.

        BTW, I hear the other TOuchable apps are solid, so not a complete hater, I’m just very cautious to purchase another DUD from them.

    1. Hey Martin,
      it requires iOS 9.3 – so the iPad 2 is supported! it runs fluid and well – however: we recommend an ipad 4 or higher if you intend to use very big sets – 512mb memory is the one big limit on these older devices.

  3. Just as I suspected…. forum complaints …

    already noted Android version Crashed on loading.

    Windows versions still not available, they are blaming microsoft however it should have not been announced until the release went Live .

    requires lots of middleware to work ( itunes for windows, touchable pro server and ftp midi).

    Not looking like a good start, just like Studiomux and Modstep.

    I’d really like buy this software, should I have some Aspirin ready ?

  4. I have been using touchable 3 for while (upgraded to the in-app purchases) and feel very happy about it. Got a new computer and looked for the server and its not longer available WTF???, also I used studiomux and when i tried the new server is not working. seems that this developers don’t give a F about their users. So sad

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