14 thoughts on “Synclavier V v2 Adds Resynthesis Engine & More

  1. If you’re really into sampling, you could live in this thing a lot of the time and get scary results. Easily accessed resynthesis is a serious drug. Don’t get too thrilled with it or you’ll forget to bathe.

  2. The Synclavier I was a really good FM synth. The Synclavier II added user samples.

    The update shown above is very substantial. From what I see, the resynthesis is a user friendly form of PPG-style wave-sequencing extracted from frames selected by the user from an original sample. This is an improvement on past wave-sequencing synthesis. It also then as the SY77/SY99 does with its samples, allows that wave sequenced sample to be an operator in an FM algorithm. It also allows envelope control of some musically relevant elements of the resampled/wave sequenced sample. This is an advancement in the state of the art.

  3. Fantastic update, have been waiting for it!
    As possibly known the Synclavier was an F.M. based synthesizer, operating largely in the frequency domain. The sampling add-on for the original as well as for the Arturia software emulation (which uses part of the original software code and algorithms) allowes to interact with the frequency domain content of the samples in many ways. This has, up to now, only been available to some extent as the RCM synthesis in the Yamaha SY99 (no, not in the Montage / MODX), and makes the Synclavier a true sonic beast. Imo the user interface of the Synclavier vastly surpasses that of the SY99 so really glad with this extension.

    1. My understanding is that the Sync V uses all of the original code and algorithms (minus the D/A converters of course). That it is a direct port of the original, with more capabilites added on (more partials per sound, more frames per partial, additional carrier and modulation waveforms, etc.

      The Sync V is already a monster synth…the addition of resynthesis takes it completely over the top!

      1. @Paul Schilling:
        Yes you’re right Paul! Hadn’t used the Sync V for quite some time and didn’t realize all the software goodies and extras compared to the original. Downloaded and installed the upgrade yesterday and kept playing and noodling all evening. The upgrade seemlessly fits the original Sync V and working with it is a breeze!

  4. i couldn´t care less about the synclavier´s synth capabilities. here´s the god of music production, stephen “lippo” lipson, inventor of ztt´s wall of sound (fgth, grace jones), demonstrating the synclavier´s “200-track digital memory recorder”. still my all-time favourite producer (“secret wish”, propaganda).

    1. @Bill: As i understand that will be something of a new hardware core running the original algorithms and code (like Arturia does using a VST). This promises to be cool. Also my hopes (not knowing prices and systems yet) that this would be more predictable and configurable. Since the old synclaviers were all individually different and had their individual configuration. When you would decide to buy a secondhand synclavier (yes they’re still going, as a whole or in parts), you would never be able to tell exactly what configuration you’d have.
      So nice for the hardware lovers (which I actually am, up to a sensible price), but very likely the Arturia version will be the only best and authentic alternative for a good price, and reliability.

  5. Arturia knows how to make hardware too, so stop this software emulation stuff and get meat on the plate instead!

    1. Realistically, few Synthtopia readers can afford $50,000 of vintage synths. Arturia’s plug-ins offer outstanding value and don’t take up any space.

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