Overbridge 2.0 DAW Plugin (Sneak Preview)

Reader Dave Mech shared a short sneak preview of the new Overbridge 2.0 plugin, now in beta testing.

“Overbridge (beta) is here… and Elektron is going to deliver, that much is clear to me,” notes Mech. “Streaming 20+ tracks without issues, automating every parameter…My dream hybrid workflow is starting to come true.”

Mech has shared two previous previews, embedded below:

6 thoughts on “Overbridge 2.0 DAW Plugin (Sneak Preview)

  1. all 8 digitakt tracks into the daw live (where i can do filter sweeps and such) and i’ll be happy.

    2 organizational features, namely “delete unused samples from project” and “delete all unused samples from plus drive” (to include those that are parameter locked) and it might be one of the greatest mid feature samplers of all time.

    1. Maybe too late if you own Mk1 Rytm or A4. But I believe all the machines since the Mk1 series have been built with Overbridge in mind. The problem with Overbridge 1.0 was that it was an afterthought. The hardware wasn’t really built to work with it. I remain optimistic

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