Switched On Bach At 50 On The Echoes Podcast

The latest episode of the Echoes podcast is a retrospective on Wendy Carlos and Switched On Bach.

Echoes host John Dilberto draws on conversations with Carlos and others, and selections from S.O.B.


It was 1968 when Wendy Carlos took her Moog synthesizer and applied it to the contrapuntal music of Johann Sebastian Bach. The album was called Switched-On Bach and it changed the shape of modern music forever.

It took synthesizers out of the world of sound effects and the avant-garde and into the mass market. Switched-On Bach was the herald of the future and made Robert Moog’s invention synonymous with synthesizer. We celebrate the album’s 50th Anniversary with Wendy Carlos in the Echoes Podcast.

You can listen to the podcast via the embed below or at the Echoes site.

2 thoughts on “Switched On Bach At 50 On The Echoes Podcast

  1. I know many don’t get the musicality of the bach stuff and how much technical stuff she had to do to get the sounds, notes and all to come out right. For the time it was great stuff and it still is great sounding and well done work today while most people just allow sequencers and drum machines to do all the work. She has till done great stuff beauty and the beast, etc. it is good to honor where we all came from and build on that in the many directions possible.

  2. This is so interesting. An interview with Wendy Carlos. How often do we hear an interview with her. Legend!
    What do you make of vests and iPads Wendy……and something like Electribe Wave? We are living in such different times…..

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