‘Switched-On’ Stravinsky

Sunday Synth Jam: Synthesist Thomas Green, aka Praxis Axis, created this ‘switched on’ take on Stravinsky’s Piano Sonata (1924).

Here’s what Green has to say about it:

“Before there were synths as we know them, there was Stravinsky. It’s not entirely clear that synths and Stravinsky necessarily need to be brought together, but I happen to be a fan of both.

And coincidentally I’m a big fan of space missions; there is a Moog Voyager synth, and of course the Voyager missions. At least to me there is some kind of important inner logic here that needs to be explored.”

5 thoughts on “‘Switched-On’ Stravinsky

  1. Once my “ears” adjust to the synthesis, it really has it’s own life. The sounds evolve and continually surprise. Very clever and creative synth programming. That music fits the sounds perfectly. GO PRAXIS AXIS!!

  2. If Stravinsky was alive today, he’d either embrace Vienna Symphony and shun everything else or he’d be rockin’ 3 Roland V-Synth GTs, a Nord Lead, a Matrixbrute, Mainstage and a pair of Haaken Continuums. No accordion, though.

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