AnalogFusion Synthesizer Offers Both Analog & Digital Polyphonic Synth Engines

Fingersonic has introduced the AnalogFusion, a new hybrid synth design that offers both analog and digital synth engines.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

AnalogFusion is a top notch, no compromise instrument with 2 completely separated Analog and digital synthesizer engines. You decide wether creating warm analog sounds or pure digital or layer them. Massive features unlocking access to a new world of synthesis possibilities.
Discrete analog circuitry

The polyphonic analog synthesizer engine (6 voices) was developed to provide all the features you can dream off and usually find on prestigious vintage synthesizers. Each voice is composed with 2 oscillators (3 waveforms: Saw, Pulse, Triangle) with Pwm, 3 lfos, hard sync, ring modulation, multimode filter, white and pink noise generators. The Oscillators are detunable. All the analog circuitry is made with discrete components, no FPGA or ASIC.

AnalogFusion also offers a complete digital synthesis engine capable of doing Virtual Analog (2 oscillators, multimode filter, 2 enveloppes, 3 LFO), FM (6 operators with multimode filter for each voice) or wavetable synthesis. A dedicated drum section is also present with 10 instruments.

A layer mode allows to stack the analog and digital synthesizers, a perfect fusion to create incredibly fat sounds!


  • Polyphonic Analog and Digital, multitimbral synthesizer
  • 3 x ARM Cortex processors
  • Data storage
    • Internal memory
    • SDCARD
  • I/O:
    • USB 2.0 High speed B connector
    • 6.35mm headphones
    • 2 x 6.35mm Mix output (L & R)
    • 1 x 6.35mm Analog synth ouput
    • 1 x 6.35mm Analog Bass ouput
    • 1 x 6.35mm DAC output
    • 3 x DIN MIDI input, output, thru
    • 3.5mm CV/Gate interface 1V/Octave
    • 1 x 6.35mm Pedal input
  • 3.5? 320×480 TFT LCD
  • Analog Synth Engine
    • 6 x 100% analog voices
    • 2 x oscillators per voice (SAW/Square/PWM/Triangle/Noise)
    • 3 x Hardsync mode and Ring modulation available
    • 3 X lfos (SAW/Square/PWM/Triangle/Random) to modulate pitch, filter and PWM
    • Multimode filter LP24db/LP12db/BP/HP
  • Analog Bass Engine
    • 1 x additional pure analog voice dedicated to Bass
    • 1 x oscillator (Saw/Square)
    • 1 x 24db VCF
  • Digital Synth Engine
    • 6 x digital synth voices configurable as:
    • Virtual analog or
    • FM 6 operators or
    • Wavetable synthesis
    • ]10 parts digital drums
    • Sample rate 44,1Khz
    • Bit depth 16 bit
  • Channels: 1 stereo
  • Sequencer/arpeggiator
    • Integrated easy to use 14 parts sequencer
    • 3 x arpeggiators

The AnalogFusion is expected to be available around Summer 2019. Pricing is TBA. See the Fingersonic site for details.

23 thoughts on “AnalogFusion Synthesizer Offers Both Analog & Digital Polyphonic Synth Engines

  1. A lot is going to depend on price and whether or not it has USB MIDI. I would like to know if the specs are 6 voice polyphony with each voice having 6 FM operators.

    1. If the first 4 words are “top notch, no compromise,” you should expect that your purchase decision will not be based on price.

      1. Obviously you aren’t familiar with marketing hype. No company is going to say their product is low notch with compromises. A three octave keyboard is a compromise.

    1. The Modal Skulpt is all digital.
      This is a hybrid synth with analogue signal paths, including analogue oscillators.
      As well as digital oscillators which can presumably be routed through to the analogue section.
      Closer to a KORG Prologue if anything.

    1. Perfect size for a lot of polysynth users.

      If you’re performing with multiple synths, having polys that you can stack works great, because you’re usually only playing with one hand on each synth. Works really nice, because you have full hands-on control without having to wade through a bunch of menus to figure out the patches per split and stuff like that.

      If you’re looking to play big poly stuff with two hands, though, I can see why you’d want a bigger keyboard. Just not something that all of us do.

      1. Yeah I guess it all depends what type of music your doing .. for Jazz, classical, fusion, prog rock 3 octaves is just not enough .. for me at least .. heck I run out of notes on my A49 trying to play bach inventions 🙁

    2. Yeah I’m thinking the same, I love to play 9th 11th chords with two hands that seems very limited for that use but you can still connect a bigger midi keyboard. I hope the small keyboard means an affordable price.

  2. Seems like it is very similar to the DSI Prophet X. The market is getting so crowded now, how many of these “Me too” machines and manufacturers can survive?

      1. No he’s not kidding .. I just bought a DM12D to polychain with my DM12 .. its a very serious synth once you get to know it well and get away from the less than stellar factory patches.

  3. This all sounds very interesting… If it have possibility to sequence external instruments then it will be perfect DAW station…

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