New Sequencer For Android Devices, PolyRytm

PolyRytm for Android

Developer Massimo Vantaggio let us know that he’s developing a MIDI sequencer for Android devices, PolyRytm:

I’m developing a midi sequencer for android devices with many interesting features, quantized polyrithyms, midi clock and many others.

It is designed to be used during producing, to drive drum machines and polyphonic synthesizers at the same time by the phone touchscreen.

Here are a few examples, via Hexinverter, of PolyRytm being used to control a modular system:


  • Master midi clock
  • 8 midi tracks with gate and velocity
  • Individual pattern length
  • 8 pattern pages
  • Copy/paste/clear/mute function
  • Customizable midi settings
  • Plug and play USB connection on gears
  • Midi connection

Pricing and Availability

PolyRytm is available now for US $2.99.

5 thoughts on “New Sequencer For Android Devices, PolyRytm

  1. It’s polymetric not poly rhythmic right? As in it cant do quarternote quintuplets against quarter notes or really any polyrhythmic subdivisions but rather just different pattern lengths? I guess if you turn the tempo way up… a drummer it irks me when i hear such terms used incorrectly.

  2. “Android + music production = LOL” = Incompetent

    If you can’t make music using the many available creative tools available for Android devices then you aren’t very good!

    1/10, Must try harder.

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