New Interview With Synthesis Technology’s Paul Schreiber

Paul Schreiber at Knobcon 2017

The latest episode of the Art + Music + Technology podcast features an interview with Synthesis Technology’s Paul Schreiber.

Schreiber is the creator of the MOTM format and, more recently, a variety of unique modules in the Eurorack format. In 2017, he ran a wildly successful Kickstarter project to product the 370 Quad Morphing VCO, one of the most powerful modular oscillator designs ever created.

In the new interview, his third on the Art + Music + Technology podcast, host Darwin Grosse talks with Schreiber about his latest designs, a new book project that looks at his years at Tandy/Radio Shack and more. You can listen to the interview below or at the A+M+T site:


For the 250th episode, I decided to go back to the interview that helped put this podcast on the map.

Episode 13 featured Paul Schreiber, and we discussed everything from the kickoff of his business to the importance of Eurorack. The interview took of (thanks to Synthtopia’s coverage and social media), and the podcast was off and running.

In this chat, we get into his latest devices, which are much more ambitious undertakings. We also learn about his experiences with Kickstarter, his upcoming book project, and get his read on the world of gaming. There’s no end of fun when talking with Paul; you’ll hear me howling with laughter in the background.

If you aren’t familiar with Synthesis Technology – where have you been? Check out their latest work at the SynthTech site.

One thought on “New Interview With Synthesis Technology’s Paul Schreiber

  1. Paul’s a cool guy with a lot of great stories. Looking forward to that book!

    (I may be biased since I was a beta tester for both the E352 and E370, gave Eric a dozen headaches with bug reports, and got to keep an E370 test unit.)

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