Soundtronics 5U MFOS & Yusynth DIY Modules

DivKid shared this Synthfest 2018 video interview with Paul Cooper of Soundtronics, who make a variety of synth gear and DIY projects.

The projects include a variety of 5U synth modules, including designs by the late Ray Wilson of Music From Outer Space and Yusynth.

See the Soundtronics site for details.

5 thoughts on “Soundtronics 5U MFOS & Yusynth DIY Modules

    1. good luck on your project could become a drug 😉 mofs yus all cool stuff and a nice spot too learn…seems they provide pcb kits now if i got it right in the vid…i did some of the shematic on rasterd prototype pcbs… what a pain my start was 🙂 lg m

    1. Always happy to help. The MIDI Ultimate 1st build article is still on schedule for the February issue of EPE, out early January. If it proves popular then expect other synth projects in EPE.

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