Loopseque 8 Beat Performer For iPad Now Available

Casual Underground has released Loopseque 8, described as ‘the logical evolution’ of the original Loopseque for iPad.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Thanks to the modern iPad capabilities, we were able to implement much more effects, more audio channels, improved graphics and many other features, the chief among which is the ability to mix projects as we do it with tracks in DJ’s music apps.

Loopseque is back with a rounded beat machine, percussion drum sequencer, the ability to change samples, patterns on the run, use effects, filters, etc to easily create a musical atmosphere that you like.

You can record sessions, use audio Copy/Paste or AudioBus to work with created audio material outside Loopseque 8 application.

The update lets you mix DJ style, with two decks; sync with other software and devices using Ableton Link; use Modulation, Velocity, and Panorama for each step; edit and modulate samples; use updated effects and more.

Pricing and Availability

Loopseque 8 is available now for US $9.99.

2 thoughts on “Loopseque 8 Beat Performer For iPad Now Available

  1. It’s got some unusual features and a fascinating GUI. There are no docs and here is no contact available for the developer so, no questions, no suggestions, and no refunds. The GUI isn’t as self-explanatory as the developer may think. And when you roll this out with no developer contact and no docs, you are asking for negative reviews– how else do you communicate?

    When you launch the app it immediately (and annoyingly) starts playing. I didn’t see a setting to disable that.

    It’s a pretty cool layout, though. You have to try everything to see how it all goes. But because of some bugs, it’s still a little hard to tell.

    There’s a “slicer” which really lets you subtract from the maximum of 16 steps. I.e., if the circle is a pie, you are setting less than 16 of those “slices”? There’s a rate control which adjust the steps per beat. 1X is 4 steps per beat. There are some faster– 1.5X, 2X, 3X and some slower (indicated by a colon) — :1.3 (?), :2, :4, :8, :16.

    I don’t know what 1/1.3 translates to in terms of steps per beat. 3 steps per beat and some change? Perhaps 1.3 is abbreviated for 1.33…

    When I set the rate at some different slow settings, playback seems to stop. I’ve waited to see if it is just going slowly but really nothing seems to be happening.

    If there were more steps in a loop (32 vs 16) it would be more difficult to manage in the GUI, but it would be more musically versatile.

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