Spitfire Audio Intros Eric Whitacre Choir

Spitfire Audio has intrroduced Eric Whitacre Choir, a new virtual choir plugin based on 280 GB of vocal samples.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Crafted and conducted by Grammy winner Eric Whitacre and showcasing his elite family of singers, this encyclopaedia of the voice will enrich your composition. It will also blow away any dusty perception of the choir as a niche, occasional ingredient, reserved for angels and demons. With these sounds at your fingertips, you will start to think differently about the human voice.

For this library, we returned to the luxury of Lyndhurst Hall at Air Studios, which means Eric Whitacre Choir shares the acoustic DNA of Spitfire’s orchestral catalogue, and will work hand in hand with those libraries.

Here’s a walkthrough with composer Paul Thomson:

Pricing and Availability:

Eric Whitacre Choir is available now with an intro price of US $449 through Nov 9, 2018 (normally $599).

3 thoughts on “Spitfire Audio Intros Eric Whitacre Choir

  1. I love the Spitfire libraries, but this one is wildly beautiful and insanely specialized. There’s limited opportunity to use long “aaaaaaaaHHHHHoooooooWWWWWWoooooOOOOOOOOOOEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeee” drones in my music.

  2. Whitacre knocks me out in general. You can get some of this aroma with Soniccouture’s Crowd Choir, but nowhere near the detail of this plug. The price is a bit dear, but that’s not out of line for the power Spitfire provides. Plenty of articulations to be had. Its a choir built a bit like a Vienna Symphony section. It’d feel a bit like a cheat to use this at all, as its very distinctive, but if you need a Best Of Class choir, you know who you are. It may not contain African choirs or a bank of extreme avant-garde articulations, but otherwise, its damned near the Omnisphere of choir plugs. Best alarm clock wake-up idea ever.

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