Polyend Seq v2 Now Available

Polyend has released firmware v2.0 for the Seq hardware sequencer.

Here’s what’s new in Polyend Seq v2:

  • Per-track tempo divider/multiplier,
  • MIDI channel input settings,
  • The start button resets the cue point for all the tracks.
  • Per track step retrigger.
  • Ratcheting now works on the whole length of a step.
  • Added new roll Velocity Curve – Random.
  • Added roll Note Curve – each step in the roll’s length will trigger notes in a scale set to the particular track – Flat, Inc, Dec, Inc-Dec, Dec-Inc, Random.

Here’s a preview of some of the features in v2:

See the Polyend site for details.

5 thoughts on “Polyend Seq v2 Now Available

  1. Have you seen the way this company conducts itself on social media?

    I wish for them to go out of business, the sooner the better.

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