New Music From Zero Call – ‘Living Machines’

Italian synthwave band Zero Call (Andrea P) shared the music video for their latest track, Living Machines.

Living Machines comes from their new album, Fears & Dreams of Living Machines. Described as ‘a lethal mix of Italo Disco, French Touch and ‘80s Electronica’, the album was recorded by a team of people passionate for analogue gear.

The album is themed around a dystopian future…..that sounds like it may already be here:

Soon 10 billion of humans will all live in mid-low class, and make slaves of technologies, forced to remove their skin to consume high tech essential goods and services. The living machines will serve man from birth to be able to map every possible value: health status, tendencies, resistances, weaknesses, intelligence or not, tolerance to frustration or orders, influence, the largest corporations will use this data to understand what stimulus to give and who, who to cure, who do not.

to do this, they will use the most advanced technologies. artificial intelligence and hardware of unimaginable performance, available only to a few secret owners of patents, to implement the most massive and monstrous mass control project in history.

Ladies and gentlemen, the war on living machines and ourselves can begin. Welcome to the future.

You can preview Fears And Dreams Of Living Machines below or at Bandcamp:

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