Synthwave Sound Library System 8

Carma Studio and Symplesound have released Synthwave: The Complete Edition for System-8 and Roland Cloud.

Created by sound design gurus Francis Preve (Symplesound) & Jim Stout (Carma Studio), the collection features ‘basses, massive Jupiter stabs and pads, iconic FM bells and electric pianos, and arpeggio-ready JX plucks’.

Building on their original Synthwave collection, The Complete Edition adds 32 new JX-3P presets, an additional 32 AIRA presets that focus on FM synthesis and 32 new patches for the Jupiter and Juno synths. The patches explore System-8 features added via Roland’s 1.30 firmware update, and the JX-3P is now available as a separate softsynth in Roland Cloud.

They note, “While ideal for Retronica/Synthwave, these presets instantly add a touch of retro flair to genres like Indie and Future, with an emphasis on authenticity and vintage appeal.?”

The library is fully compatible with Roland Cloud, which means that users don’t need a System-8 to use the library, as all presets will also work with Roland’s virtual suite of plug-in synths.

Pricing and Availability

Synthwave: The Complete Edition is available now for US $19.95.

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  1. I will be getting this just as quick as I can figure it if m how to do the upgrade and plig-out addition… also do i need to load these on an sd card?

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