Author & Punisher On Bringing A Physical Dimension To MIDI Controllers For Doom Metal

The latest episode of Red Bull Music Academy’s Studio Science, filmed at Moogfest 2018, Tristan Shone, aka Author & Punisher, demonstrates his DIY approach to creating Doom Metal MIDI controllers.

Video Summary:

Inspired by his experience playing in bands and a love of industrial music and doom metal, Shone writes and performs as Author & Punisher, using an intricate setup of custom controllers which he designs, prototypes and builds himself.

These controllers are machined in CNC (computer numeric control), 3D-printed and powered by Arduino, open-source software and hardware that allows Shone’s inventions – with names like Big Knobs and Grid Iron – to communicate with hardware instruments and software such as Ableton Live.

Beyond the practicality of enabling Shone to perform by himself, these DIY controllers are also a way for him to add a more engaging physical dimension to the MIDI controllers that have become a standard in electronic music. The result is a unique setup where Shone controls every aspect of the music manually, live.

Or as he puts it, “If I’m not touching something, you’re not hearing something.”

9 thoughts on “Author & Punisher On Bringing A Physical Dimension To MIDI Controllers For Doom Metal

  1. That´s weird…i like so much!
    Encoders bigger than your hand…

    Thanks for sharing this one…very inspiring stuff!

  2. Wow this is awesome! He is literally reinventing EDM performance and controller technique. And he builds it himself!

  3. Wait hold up, you mean pushing the play button isn’t cool anymore? Nothing to see here folks…

    Poser DJs Union

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