9 thoughts on “ARP 2600 Hands-On Demo

  1. I used to own Gladys Knight and the Pips 2600. I bought it for $150 in Oakland Ca around 1989 or so. It was feeling itโ€™s age Nd it had the epoxied circuits …I sold it before it became unfixable.

  2. Had mine thoroughly serviced, so it will last for another 30 years. The machine deserved it. I was very surprised to see the insides of the 2600. So clean and simple. Names etched on print boards. How could this thing be worth so much… Nevertheless a keeper for life.

  3. The 2600 would have been perfect if it had 2 ADSRs, but for sone reason ARP was just so in love with AR envelopes. At the price range this fell into, it should have had 2 ADSRs, not just 1. If Behringer ever clones this, I hope they give it 2 ADSR envelope generators.

  4. Dr Mix is a funny old soul. He could be annoying but he stays on the fun side of it. Because he can play a bit you get a better demo than blip blip blip as someone just hits the same key.

    As for the great 2600, this is an effective demonstration. Of course it is just touching the surface and that is one reason this is such a classic. Also look at all the fun you can have on a full sized synthesiser with proper controls. The interface really helps.

    There is plenty of scope for a follow up with some patching………

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