Eric Persing & Pedro Eustache: EP-PE One

This video documents a new collaboration between keyboardist and Spectrasonics founder Eric Persing and wind multi-instrumentalist Pedro Eustache, EP-PE One.

The duo had not previously played together and this video captures their first musical encounters. After the performance, Persing and Eustache each discuss the instruments that they used in the performance. 

For their collaboration, the two artists decided to work improvisationally, using the following guidelines:

  • Bring only three main instruments
  • No knowledge of what the other would bring
  • No discussion of what would be played
  • No rehearsal, everything completely improvised
  • Everything played Live, no prearranged material
  • No overdubs or second takes

EP-PE One is available now via iTunes, Spotify & Amazon.

6 thoughts on “Eric Persing & Pedro Eustache: EP-PE One

  1. Sublime hombres.

    Dear Eric, Dear Pedro’s minimal gear vs your own way too much in comparison

    Here’s a concept.
    37 Key Poly AT Workstation + Analogue Synth + Sampler + Controller.
    All In One
    with simultaneous iPad iPod iPhone integration to load Omnisphere Keyscape iOS version.
    Battery operated : rechargeable from usb powerbank.

  2. At around 23:00 you hear a shout-out to polyphonic aftertouch. He uses it very effectively.

    I hope Novation or Fatar brings out a PolyAT keyboard some day.

  3. Eric, Pedro… great work! Reminds me of something I read recently. Once when complimenting a piece of music, Debussy said “It sounded like something not written down”, and in talking about music he didn’t like, “…manifesting an inability to see beyond the work-table. They smell of the lamp, not of the sun.” What you two created is “…of the sun”!

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