Grid Modular MIDI Controllers Now Available To Pre-Order

Intech Studio has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to fund production of their Grid line of modular MIDI controllers.

Each module in the Grid system is fully functional on its own. But you can also interconnect up to 16 Grid modules to create a custom control layout, and connect your controller to your computer using a single USB type-C connection.

For working computer-free, the Grid controllers are also designed to be Eurorack-compatible.

Here’s an overview of the system from Superbooth 2018:

Pricing and Availability

The Grid controllers are available to project backers starting at US $105 per controller or $299 for three. The controllers are expected to ship in April 2019.

via Martin Blasko

12 thoughts on “Grid Modular MIDI Controllers Now Available To Pre-Order

    1. MIck what’s the problem with USB-C? We will give USB-C to USB-A 2.0 male cable. This is not something apple specific. Grid will work with any OS from any manufacturer’s computer. It’s a bummer that one of the coolest features of the project turns someone down.

      1. More cables? So old school. Why no bluetooth for transmitting some simple midi data? That would make me want this product.

        1. Maybe I shouldn’t write this as developer of the project, but I f**king hate bluetooth when it comes to doing any kind of professional work. You would still need the cable to power up the modules, or a “power source grid module” maybe. This is a choice we made regarding the first Grid modules, that no wireless technology will be involved. We want to represent the reliable and beloved controls and connection methods, in a renewed design. By the way we had working prototypes with bluetooth connection, modules were configurable with android phones. I can imagine that in the future we will make something with bluetooth (or other wireless tech), as an addition to transmitting data via cable. But only after CV/Gate compatibility and an encoder module.

    1. Although not each module features “MIDI connector” (DIN or TRS), USB MIDI is still a class compliant solution. If every controller had a MIDI port, Kenton would be out of business. 😉 On the other hand, both MIDI input and output will be featured on a module named “ANA4”. We also considered to release a USB – DIN MIDI adapter for better overall dawless experience all in the Grid format. So.. I believe Grid qualifies as MIDI controller with both hardware and software in mind.

    1. Hi Tom, rotary encoder is already in the pipeline for next year, once we are over with the funding of tooling. LED ring is something many requested. Will do our best to think about a solution which fits both the project’s image and users needs.

  1. Kristof – Ok, good if you supply the C-A adaptor cable.

    A thought for another fader module – one without the buttons and rotaries to allow for longer faders… eg. 60mm or, 100mm. Some users like a finer control over parameters eg. Envelope A-D-S-R.

    1. That will come too Mike, specially that the 14-bit resolution is much better on longer faders. The VJ and theater technician community also looks forward to get long travel slide potentiometers.

      Any other question, please let me know!

  2. Great idea but my fat fingers will never be able to fit in between those knobs
    Fader module is also small with very little resolution

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