MIDI To CV To MIDI – Integrating MIDI Synths With Modular Gear

The latest loopop video takes an in-depth look at using MIDI and CV gear together.

It covers connecting audio, note, modulation and clock signals between MIDI synths and analog/modular gear.

Key Gear Featured:

  • Synths used:
    • Digitone by Elektron for its FM engine and effects
    • Medusa by PolyEnd and Dreadbox for its XYZ expressive grid
  • Modules used for MIDI to CV and back:
    • Disting MK4 and General CV from Expert Sleepers (with their MIDI expander module)
    • Aither from Instruo
    • Hermod from Squarp
    • Poly from PolyEnd
    • Pamela’s New Workout from ALM (with its MIDI expander module)
  • Audio attenuation and amplification:
    • Voicas Mixvert8r
    • SBG from ALM

Are you combining MIDI and CV gear? If so, share your approach in the comments!

3 thoughts on “MIDI To CV To MIDI – Integrating MIDI Synths With Modular Gear

  1. ALMs NewPam with the expander is what I use to clock ableton so my modular rig plays nicely in time and I have the addition of Pittsburgh’s midi3 module to send midi to cv signals back out of live. This is not as intergrated as say Expert Sleepers modules and Silent Way, which looks awesome but it works and I get the desired midi to cv to midi functionality I”m after , with this setup I can get my electribe emx to play nice with my modular, what larks !

  2. Good video for CVMIDI!
    I would also mention the CV.OCD Box, which does a pretty good job sequencing my modular with the Digitakt MIDI-Sequencer Tracks….
    Saves rackspace, is affordable (in comparison to some eurorack modules) and you can configure it with an webeditor…just search for it 😉

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