Third-Party Modules For Voltage Modular Now Available

Cherry Audio let us know about several new third-party modules for their Voltage Modular software synthesizer.

Autodafe has released Formant Filter, a specialized filter that imparts vowel characteristics to incoming audio by simulating the human vocal tract. It’s available for free from the Voltage Modular in-app store.

The Tangents filter module from Vult features three virtual analog models of the classic Steiner-Parker “Synthacon” multimode filter.

Each model was developed based on different variations of the original filter. The virtual models incorporate improvements over original hardware versions, including more controllable resonance and enhanced low-frequency response.

Tangents includes three inputs (LP, BP, and HP) allowing simultaneous processing of three signals.

Tangents is available as a premium module, priced at US $15.

Users can also develop custom modules for use in Voltage Modular, using the cross-platform compatible Module Designer app. Here’s an overview fromĀ Mitchell Sigman:

2 thoughts on “Third-Party Modules For Voltage Modular Now Available

    1. Native virtual instrument in VST (Windows), AU or AAX (Mac) – no wonky “bridge” to deal with (also can be used standalone). Modules or groups of modules can be freely moved at any time, existing modules move out of the way to let you drag modules to any location instantly, and all cabling stays intact. Single horizontal rows (i.e. “cabinets”) can be saved and loaded making it simple to import and export portions of patches to other patches. Six-way pop-up mults on every jack. Superior performance – all audio processing uses 64-bit double precision math and all module processes are zero-latency and operate on individual samples. Exclusive Poly Jacks let you create fully polyphonic patches as easily as creating mono patches. Far easier user module creation using Java code within dedicated Module Designer app. The list goes on.

      That’s why people buy this.

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