How To Use The World’s Largest Music Sequencer

Red Bull Music Academy shared this video demo of their RBMA-20, billed as the largest step sequencer in the world’.

In the video, RBMA’s Tatsuya ‘Tats’ Takahashi gives an overview and demo of the giant instrument.

The RBMA-20 was created as an installation, celebrating RBMA’s 20th anniversary. The massive sequener is 10m long, 2.2m high & weights 600 kg.

5 thoughts on “How To Use The World’s Largest Music Sequencer

  1. I can think of several wrong-headed ways to use this thing. If someone is really drunk or on mushrooms, plop them down in front of this and go to town. It’ll mess ’em right up.


    These instruments absolutely do sound unique and different. Visually, they also inspire confidence and announce your intentions. They are capable of destabilizing all materials, from large concrete and steel structure to the synapses of cockroaches.

    You can also hide (a truck) behind them.

    — John Foxx (updated)

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