New Solo Piano Album From Vangelis, Nocturne


A new album is on the way from pioneering synthesist and composer Vangelis, featuring new piano compositions and piano arrangements of some previously released works.

The new Vangelis album, Nocturne, will feature piano arrangements of music from Blade Runner, Chariots of Fire, 1492: Conquest of Paradise) and other albums. About half the album, though, is made up of new music.

Details are to still to be announced, but the album is expected to be released in Jan 2019.


1. Nocturnal Promenade
2. To the Unknown Man
3. Mythodea – Movement 9
4. Moonlight Reflections
5. Through the Night Mist
6. Early Years
7. Love Theme (From Blade Runner)
8. Sweet Nostalgia
9. Intermezzo
10. To a Friend
11. La petite fille de la mer (From L’Apocalypse des animaux)
12. Longing (From Blade Runner)
13. Main Theme (From Chariots of Fire)
14. Unfulfilled Desire
15. Lonesome
16. Conquest of Paradise (From 1492: Conquest of Paradise)
17. Pour Melia

10 thoughts on “New Solo Piano Album From Vangelis, Nocturne

    1. John Williams, Ennio Morricone, Henri Mancini, Hans Zimmer are in AWE of the cuddly V.
      They can’t comprehend how V composes improvisationally plays on the spot whilst watching a movie : because they can’t do this.
      They can’t comprehend V can’t write nor read music.

      As cuddly V said : “We just have to be available like a radar for the Universe to speak through us.”

  1. What, no piano version of “Pulstar??” I’m outraged! I look forward to this, because piano work shows you a very different side of the composer. Wakeman has always been a big synth player, but he has a section of fans who mainly go for his solo piano pieces. Vangelis has always been the chief *romantic* synth player of the lot anyway. This will be a nice specialty moment.

  2. Oh what ever, I have no expectations, but the name alone suggests perhaps a Chopin -esque type music, which I’m gonna love if true.

  3. Will be saving my money for the huge Tangerine Dream boxset full of unreleased Virgin Years stuff, with 5.1 and stereo remixes by Steven Wilson. This is the real deal

  4. Looking forward to this, hopefully it will be mic’d up and mixed similar in style to Memories Of Green with tons of reverb instead of a cold sounding MIDI piano…

  5. Boooooooooriiiiiiing!!!! “New” music that sounds old. Nice commercial music without substance. We can even call it cocktail music. Anyone can hear the difference in Vangelis music before and after El Greco, and after it´s just terrible…that´s the ugly truth despite some Vangelis fans want to deny it…

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