Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein Score ‘Spheres’ VR Series

Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein (S U R V I V E,  Stranger Things) have released their latest album, Spheres.

The music is the soundtrack to a new virtual reality series, created by Eliza McNitt, that explores ‘the human connection with the cosmos’.

Dixon and Stein note: “It’s always great when your director says “it’s not weird enough” or “it sounds too much like music.” Coming from an experimental background this is exactly the kind of note we like to get when creating a score.”

The soundtrack is available via Amazon and Bandcamp.


Accretion Disk
Solar System
Ecliptic Planes
In the Dark
Birth of a Star
Cosmic Microwave Background
Burning Star Core
Planetary Cruise
Black Holes Collide
Gravitational Waves
Earth Song

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