New Instrument, The Fiddleridoo, An Electronic Fiddle + Didgeridoo Hybrid

Musician and instrument designer Andy Graham shared these video demos of his latest design, the Fiddleridoo.

The Fiddleridoo is an electroacoustic instrument that combines elements of the fiddle and the didgeridoo. It can be played by blowing, bowing, plucking or striking.

Graham’s earlier instrument designs include the Slaperoo Electric Tuned Percussion Instrument, the Electric Spring Doorstop & the Electric Stringed Didgeridoo.

“At this point, it’s a personal instrument I built from a travel didgeridoo called a Didge Box,” notes Graham.”If there’s interest, I will look into finding a way to produce it or something similar.”

Details on Graham’s instrument designs are available at the Slaperoo site.

11 thoughts on “New Instrument, The Fiddleridoo, An Electronic Fiddle + Didgeridoo Hybrid

  1. Great to see real musical innovation still flourishes amid an endless parade of clone teasers.
    It’s also nice that DIY acoustic instruments are included on this website.
    Beautiful craftsmanship, too.
    Keep it up, Andy!

  2. Fascinating.
    He’s putting it through a pedal of some kind. Would be interesting to know what effects are coming through the pedal and what is from the acoustics of the instrument.

  3. Absolutely 0% interest in this particular instrument but 100% interest humans creating stuff like this. Double thumbs up, Graham.

  4. This would have been useful if you could actually play it more like a violin and being able to press the strigs for different notes as you play. As of now you would have to tune it between pieces, which sounds time consuming. Or as he does, keep to the same four notes but just change the rhythms.

    1. That would be perhaps easier. You would just glue an electric violin (or viola or cello) onto a didgeridoo. Run the mic from the didge and the piezo from the violin into a little mixer.

      1. Or make a classically long didg with strings attached in the preffered length with all the nessesary fixens to be able to play it, rest it against the floor like an ordenary didg and play the strings like you would a cello.

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