Birdseed – Animated Video With A Chiptune Soundtrack

Birdseed, a short animated video by mathew DB, features a chiptune soundtrack, made with Nanoloop.

Video Description:

nanoloop on the Nintendo DS Lite was the first synth / sequencer I learned how to use back in the early 2000s. I made a number of simple tracks with it, one of which – years later – became the soundtrack to this short.

The concept for the animation came to me around the same time nanoloop did, then sat dormant as a one-page storyboard until I suddenly spent a weekend in 2016 making it.

One thought on “Birdseed – Animated Video With A Chiptune Soundtrack

  1. Chiptunes coolest thing in Electronic Music.
    The Minions of Electronic Music.
    “Fart” and “Sniff” sfx :-))

    Aphex Twin inspired from Chiptunes.

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