How To Use The ContinuuMini With External Controllers

In this video, composer Edmund Eagan takes a look at how you can use the ContinuuMini with external controllers.

The ContinuuMini is designed to be a more affordable version of the Haken Continuum, a polyphonic synthesizer with a unique expressive control surface. The ContinuuMini is much smaller than the original Continuum and is designed to be primarily for monophonic/duophonic performance.

The ContinuuMini’s synth engine, though, is 8-voice polyphonic. This lets you play fast strings of notes without note-stealing. But it also can be used with polyphonic MIDI controllers, in a variety of ways.

Eagan demonstrates some of these options using the ContinuuMini with keyboard controllers from CME & Native Instruments. The video also explores the performance strengths and weaknesses of each type of controller, and how you can tweak patches in EaganMatrix (the ContinuuMini’s synth engine) to optimize them for the different types of controller.

The ContinuuMini is being produced via a Kickstarter project, and is available to backers for $630.

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