Free Novation Peak 1.2 Update Adds New Wavetables, Microtuning, New Patching Options

Novation has announced a free update for the Peak synthesizer that adds new wavetables, microtuning support, new patching options and more.

Here’s what’s new in Peak Firmware 1.2:

  • New wavetables – expanding the Peak’s sonic palette, 43 new wavetables have been added to the Oscillator Wave menus.
  • Additional modulators – Peak 1.2 adds two freely assignable, non-voice-specific LFOs (bringing the total to four) to the Mod Matrix and new FX Matrix.
  • Pitch-Bend is now available as a modulation source, with Up (BendWhl+) and Down (BendWhl-) assignable as separate signals if required.
  • New Mod Matrix design – Workflow is improved with Peak 1.2’s updated Mod Matrix design, as sources and destinations are presented on the same page, streamlining making and editing modulation assignments. The Page button now enables quick access to all 16 modulation slots.
  • FX Mod Matrix – Peak 1.2 lets you route non-voice-specific modulation sources to Peak’s FX parameters in the new four-slot FX Mod Matrix. Now you can, for example, expand and contract a reverb with a rhythmic LFO, or automate delay time changes using an envelope.
  • New envelope features – Peak 1.2’s ADSRs sees the addition of a Hold stage (up to 500ms) and the ability to loop between the Attack and Decay stages.
  • Initialize Manual Mode – Peak 1.2 gives you the option of maintaining the current positions of all knobs and sliders when the Initialize button is pressed, rather than resetting their parameters to defaults – ideal for getting instantly hands-on with new patches, and creating random ones from scratch. The previous behavior can be reinstated in the Settings menu.
  • Microtuning – Peak 1.2 also adds support for microtuning. 16 Tuning Tables can be edited and saved for recall within any patch, and automatic note selection makes MIDI note-to-pitch assignment a snap.


Peak Firmware 1.2 will be available on Dec 19th, 2018 as a free download from Components.

16 thoughts on “Free Novation Peak 1.2 Update Adds New Wavetables, Microtuning, New Patching Options

  1. is there a catch mode “OPTION” to stop parameter jumps when going to another patch?
    seems like peak is pretty hard to beat.

    off to hammer my ceramic piggy

      1. hey, thanks, Kevin. i’ve just dowloaded and had a look at the manual. cool. i assumed it was be the same BS2 from watching vids on YT and seeing the jumps. couldn’t lend me a grand, could you?

  2. The Peak is awesome but needs more banks. Four is not enough to keep your patches organized, particularly if you want to leave one bank empty for loading banks you want to preview.

  3. Novation is killing it with updates. This one took a while, but was worth the wait. I asked a rep about FX modulations at the Brooklyn Synth Expo in June and I got a response along the lines of “just wait, it’s going to be insane”. This seems to deliver!

    1. Agreed. I’ve been amazed at the free updates for the Circuit!

      The thing holding me back on the Peak, though, is its lack of MPE support and I haven’t heard anything about them adding it.

      MPE is a must have feature now, and synth makers seem to be dragging their feet. I was dumbfounded that the Moog One doesn’t support it, especially since they’ve got it on their software synths.

      1. Different synths, for different sounds, for different people, for different budgets, for different workflows, for different needs… Do you get paid to play devils advocate on the interwebs? Good lord..

  4. I´m serious thinking of saving up money to get this synth. It´s getting more affordable (for my wallet).Its just about 400-500 more euro’s than an Arturia Minibrute 2s and cheaper as an DS Rev2, 2 synths that i like both. And i fancy to create sounds again at the way i was doing, back in the days, on a Juno 106.

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