Propellerhead Intros Quad Note Generator

Propellerhead has introduced Quad Note Generator, a Rack Extension that lets you create melodies, rhythms and harmonies with controllable randomness.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

You can use Quad Note Generator in several ways. Use it as your starting point to help you set off in a direction with your song. Or use it to spice up something you are already working on. If you like, you can record the Quad Note Generator performance into Reason’s main sequencer to for final editing.

With the freeze function, you can create phrases that are part repetitive and part improvisational in nature.


  • Four separate note generators.
  • Create musical melodies and patterns.
  • Control variations for note and rhythm.
  • Use freeze function to capture perfect motifs.
  • Record performances to Reason’s main sequencer.
  • Comes with a variety of patches to get you started.

Pricing and Availability

Quad Note Generator is available for now for US $69/EUR.

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