Synapse Audio Intros Dune 3 Software Synth For Mac, Windows

Synapse Audio has introduced Dune 3, the latest version of their software synth for Mac & Windows.

Here’s what’s new in Dune 3:

  • Dual filter – The revised filter section in Dune 3 now sports a dual multimode filter plus an insert effect.
  • Dual Arpeggiator – Two arpeggiator units instead of just one greatly increase the sound design capabilities of DUNE 3.
  • Improved oscillators – DUNE 3 supports VA, FM and Wavetable synthesis. With a maximum reserve of 8320 oscillators at full polyphony, DUNE 3 is unlikely to ever run out of oscillators.
  • New “Swarm” mode, an evolution of the classic Supersaw oscillator.
  • New effects algorithms – DUNE 3 offers many new effect algorithms in all categories like Distortion, Chorus, Phaser, EQ, Delay and Reverb.
  • Wavetable Editor – Waveforms can be created via free-hand drawing, segments, a dedicated partial editor or by entering formulas.


  • Dual filter with Balance and serial/parallel routing
  • Comprehensive Wavetable Editor
  • Dual Arpeggiator with MIDI import
  • VA, Wavetable and FM Synthesis
  • Two oscillator stacks with 32 oscillators each
  • Third oscillator and white/pink noise generator
  • 8x Unison = up to 520 oscillators per note
  • Analog-modeled zero-delay feedback filters
  • Four graphical envelopes (MSEG)
  • Three low-frequency oscillators (LFO)
  • Modulation matrix for synth and FX parameters
  • Two Master FX busses with 9 high-quality effects each
  • Full version comes with 1000 patches
  • Patch-compatible with DUNE 2

Pricing and Availability

Dune 3 is available now for US $179. Upgrade pricing and a demo version are also available.

10 thoughts on “Synapse Audio Intros Dune 3 Software Synth For Mac, Windows

  1. When I opened this post, I was hoping to see added polyphonic-aftertouch and release-velocity added as mod sources. Does look like they focused on sound stuff, and not control, stuff. Those are understandable and proper priorities. But I’ll probably pass on this update.

  2. Upgrade cost is too high at 80 bucks for a fairly small set of new features from Dune 2….it’s Dune 2.8 realy…
    Still a great sounding synth though and even better now if you don’t have Dune 2 already I would highly reccomend Dune 3…..

    1. I had the same reaction. They may have put that much extra work/value into the software, but $80 was enough for me to resist easily.

      I just got SynthMaster on sale for ridiculously cheap, and though it is an entirely different beast, it should keep me “entertained” for a while.

  3. Never ever expected to say this but 179 euro for 1 soft synth….. All of the sudden Arturias V collection synth packages seem affordable when on offer.

  4. Boring one note waiting for something to happen. Waste of time even trying the demo. For a little tiny bit more you can get a real decent hardware synth.

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