Bitwig Studio 2.5 Update Adds Improved Audio Editing & More

Bitwig has announced Bitwig Studio 2.5, a free update to their multi-platform DAW.

Here’s what they have to say about Bitwig Studio 2.5:

Clip Blocks – Whether building an arrangement or crafting a performance, clip launching is essential to any modern DAW. And with the added concept of Clip Blocks, new arrangement possibilities are now available. Leaving a blank slot between groups of clips defines separate clip blocks that Bitwig Studio’s Next Action feature can jump between. These blocks can be treated as sections, allowing clips to automatically navigate the arrangement.

Improved Audio Editing – From the start, an audio clip in Bitwig Studio could contain any number of audio events. And with version 2.5, audio editing has been streamlined while preserving the advanced options. So editing clip parameters (like start and end time) are now seamlessly connected to events that happen at the same times, adjusting them as well. Changing the tempo of audio events also automatically resize their clips, when appropriate. Saving clicks between the clip layer and the events underneath makes the advanced options all the more powerful.

Note FX Selector – Bitwig Studio’s various note FXs can expand a musical line by arpeggiating, harmonizing, delaying, echoing, and more. And with the new Note FX Selector device, endless layers can be swept through with one simple knob. Whether creating small variations or taking a performance to new places, this device puts the whole musical journey within arm’s reach.

Browser Search Improvements – A few framework elements have been improved as well. Browser search results are now ordered by relevance, and plug-ins are scanned faster. Some import and snapping methods have been improved, and only one copy of each plug-in is shown by default. And more than 50 functions have been added as user-defined key commands. Because the less the user is thinking about workflow, the more it is doing for them.

New Sound Content: Analog Waves – Coinciding with Bitwig Studio 2.5 is “Analog Waves.” Designed in collaboration with Boxed Ear, this package comprises 60 Sampler presets, each made with hundreds of full-frequency oscillator waveforms. From rumbling lows to guttural mids and sparkling highs, a full-bandwidth sound is the best way to bring analog sources into a digital environment.
By wrapping all 760-some samples into a single multisample, one click will load all the pure and layered oscillators the sound sculpting can begin.

See the Bitwig site for details.

9 thoughts on “Bitwig Studio 2.5 Update Adds Improved Audio Editing & More

  1. Bitwig is developing at amazing pace, listening to its user base and becoming one of the most stable and creative music production systems available.

    No other DAW has 3 or 4 major updates a year…this may be the smallest of the updates so far but it still adds some great new stuff and makes everything faster and snappier…love those under the hood tweaks!

        1. Agreed. Both Reaper and FL update often. I am a big user of both and these are what I used for a living every day.

          I do like that Bitwig is still pushing forward. I have not spent time with it since the initial break off from Ableton and the coveted beta testing time.

    1. Agreed. BWS may not have hordes of angry fans badmouthing users of every other DAW, but it’s an increasingly important part of the ecosystem. This update may sound less significant than others but those convenience features will please existing users and may satisfy some new ones. The overall workflows you can create with Bitwig’s flagship DAW are already pretty good in terms of ease/complexity. But things like clip blocks are likely going in the right direction: adding power without sacrificing ease.

  2. Bitwig will be my DAW when I switch to Linux since Windows 10 sucks.

    Ableton is really the only software keeping me on Windows, currently.

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