8 thoughts on “Music Sharing Site Allihoopa Turning Out The Lights January 17th, 2019

  1. Yow. That’s the service Korg Gadget uses for its song sharing. Wonder if they’ll move to Soundcloud, which itself has had rumors of imminent demise for years.

  2. Hmmm. Being a big Props Reason user, I was always kind of intrigued by this, and even downloaded a few works-in-progress to add to or remix. BUT…I never actually did. It never really held my interest, I guess. And I guess it didn’t hold enough other folks’ interest either.

    I guess we can be happy they didn’t get real big, try to influence politics, get hacked, and lose all our personal data.

  3. Brah, ya mean I can’t share my notorious breaks, sick beats, and bling hooks? There goes my rising DJ career cuz I was just about to take charge…Retronyms, help!

  4. Suckas. We all need to own our own data completely and without compromise. Not rely on others. Host your own site. Only answer to this.

  5. Bummer. It’s too bad since Figure and Gadget use it. And I don’t think Soundcloud allows you to share project files, only audio, so it’s not a suitable replacement?

    Could anyone explain the relationship between Allihoopa and Propellerheads?

    1. Allihoopa is the project of Propellerhead that became its own company. Props wanted them to become their own thing, but they didn’t market themselves the way Propellerhead did or try to make money, hence the shutdown. This really makes me sad because of my ability to link my iOS projects together like this and drop to Allihoopa right within Reason. Hopefully they’ll find a solution for Figure because I use that app the most.

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